01- Certa Marcha
02- Cantarolar
03- Céu Azul
04- Passos Largos
05- Número Primo
06- Reviravolta
07- Retornelo
08- Pega Pega
09- Lida
10- Num sopro
11- Flutuação
12- Jogo Rápido
13- Ano novo


Recorded in the SalaViva Studio by Carlos Akamine, in December 2012, the disc includes 13 compositions by Bruno Elisabetsky that embody a renewed look on Brazilian rhythms and their relation with varied musical influences. The disc is distributed by Tratore in both physical and digital formats, through partnerships with channels such as iTunes Store and Amazon.

The work also features the special participation of Caito Marcondes (percussion on “Lida”), Daniel Alcantara (flugelhorn on “Num sopro”), Laércio de Freitas (piano on “Retornelo”) and Toninho Ferragutti (accordion on “Passos Largos” and Jogo Rápido) and had the participation of Léa Freire (flutist and composer) and Zé Paulo Becker (guitarist and composter), who wrote their impressions in the liner notes, as follows:


“The step taken by the Quarteto Quadrantes in its debut had indeed to be an ample one. Large enough to unite past and future. To tread the four corners of Brazil. To bring sounds and rhythms that transport us to other dimensions, other places, with “jobinians” harmonies, “guinguinians” melodies, airtight construction, “egbérticas“ travels and so on. All point forward presenting their themes where jazz and classical music flirt with the Brazilian popular music in a very natural way. And still reserving spaces for tortuous, melodic and inventive improvisations.”

Zé Paulo Becker

“It was a great pleasure to be invited to write a few lines about Quarteto Quadrantes and I am very happy to be able to comment on the music done by the Quartet. New compositions evoking all corners of Brazil, where you can listen to “Oiapoque all the way down to Chui”, beautiful melodies and harmonies created by someone who got his inspiration from all across Brazil, someone who is building the new Brazilian instrumental music. I’m very proud here, seeing this new generation germinating seeds of such good music, ensuring that there the fountain never dries up. Congratulations to all: Arnaldo, Bruno, Gabriela, Renato and also those who participated in this project, thanks! “

Léa Freire