Workshop Quarteto Quadrantes

1st part:

The Group speaks and explains the compositional process of drafting arrangements and diverse work within the brazilian rhythms (choro, waltz, samba, baião, maracatú, marcha, frevo, ijexá) . Regarding these, Quadrantes trace a historical overview and contextualize the emergence of each of these rhythms and their essential characteristics. Its peculiarities are explained later in melodic, harmonic and rhythmic terms and how the group reinvente those ideas and vocabulary through it’s new compositions.

The quartet also talks about the different ways on merging and mixing different time measures, by which escapes the established genres of brazilian music, bringing the contemporary or experimental touch to it’s compositions. This is one of the central aspects of the compositions interpreted by the quartet.

Each member shows musical aspects of what is being discussed in their respective instruments, exemplifying what is being discussed. Recordings and videos of brazilian music icons (performers and composers) are also used to bring extensive knowledge and understanding to the audience.

Topics in Part 1 :

– Historical contextualization of choro , waltz , samba, baião, maracatú, frevo and ijexá.
– Exemplification of each rhythmic pattern
– Demonstration of melodic and rhythmic  caracateristics, as well as usal form and structure used in those rhytms.
– Listening to recordings witch illustrate elements cited above
– Listening Quarteto Quadrantes compositions as a hearing exercise to analyse and find the presence

2nd part :

Will be chosen 2 or 3 compositions from the group to be interpreted and worked with students / musicians, putting into practice some of the concepts we talked about earlier.

Duration and target audience: The workshop lasts about 3 hours and is intended to musicians and students / music lovers.