The richness of Brazilian popular music comes from its diversity and the ability to reinvent itself. This requires boldness and a fresh take on its many facets. It’s a process similar to what happened with the Argentinian tango, the American jazz, and elsewhere.

New generations of Brazilian musicians rely on the work of the great icons of the past and carry this process forward, offering the public new musical possibilities. Rhythms and harmonies find new voices, in tune with the language of their time while respecting the exuberant Brazilian musical heritage.

The composer, Bruno Elisabetsky, as part of this process, developed a repertoire of instrumental music with unprecedented aesthetic diversity (rhythmic, melodic and harmonic), mixing elements of the universe of Brazilian guitar and combining solo techniques with the rhythmic-percussive qualities of the instrument. This is complemented by improvisations derived from jazz, Brazilian rhythms and classical music.

The Quartet is composed by Arnaldo Nardo (drums) Bruno Elisabetsky (guitar / vocals), Machado (flutes) and Renato Leite (bass). The use of voice in the Quartet plays the role of a fifth melodic instrument, vocalizing/dialoguing in an innovative way with the solo instruments.

The group performs its own instrumental repertoire, encompassing influences derived from jazz, Brazilian music and classical music. The result is a contemporary tone, the product of crosses and trials in the plans of composition and improvisation.